Pia Justesen

Pia Justesen, Ph.D., was born and raised in Denmark, the land of happiness and hygge and has been engaged in social justice since her childhood in the small town of Brenderup. She has lived in Aarhus, Brussels, New York (NY), Madrid, New Haven (CT), Copenhagen, and Chicago (IL). She took the diverse cities to heart and continues to do so. Pia is a human rights lawyer and writer. Her work focuses specifically on the human rights of racial minorities and persons with disabilities. She has an extensive list of publications on human rights and anti-discrimination issues.

Pia splits her time between Chicago and Copenhagen. She is the Danish Expert Advisor in the European Union Network of Legal Experts in gender equality and non-discrimination. In Chicago Pia has taught disability rights at the University of Illinois and worked with the independent living organization Access Living. In Denmark, she has also worked as a corporate social responsibility advisor and a labor union lawyer.

With the book From the Periphery - Real-Life Stories of Disability, Pia has made her debut as a non-fiction author in the U.S.

Headshot by Mike Henry at Tiny Space Studio